Vergina - Olympus

Vergina - OlympusVergina - OlympusVergina - Olympus


Vergina was the first capital of the Macedonians. The exposed kings’ graves are global known. They testify the high cultural level of the Macedonian empire under the government of Philipp II and his son Alexander the Great.



The glamorous image of the truthful kinglike richness is presented also clearly through the arms. All discoveries are adorable handworks and excellent works of art. A museum with modern equipment was constructed around the burial chamber.

These written words are only a small help. Dive into the rich past of Macedonia and let yourself inspire by the invaluable finds.

Olymp was according Greek mythology the domicile of gods with godfather Zeus………..

Don’t miss the king graves and the highest mountain in Greece!

Approximately 1 1/2 hour drive to Litochoro, a walk into a gorge (2 hours), free time in Litochoro,

Drive to Vergina, visit site with Museum and king graves