Mount Athos

Mount AthosMount AthosMount Athos


Sometimes referred to as Mt. Athos ( the “Holy Mountain”), the name of the 2033m mountain close to the southern tip of the peninsula, has had the status of an autonomous state for over 1,000 years. Famous for its ancient monasteries, the first of which was built in 963 by St. Athanasios, Athos is the most difficult section of Halkidiki to visit.



All females, including female animals, are forbidden to pass beyond Ouranopolis into  the monks’ territory. Men who wish to visit must apply for a permit up to 6 months in advance, allowing them to visit no longer than 4 days. Up to 120 permits for Greek men and 10 for foreigners are issued daily.

To this day 1.700 monks still live under strict rule on the Holy Mountain, with no woman ever being allowed to set foot there.

The cruise will begin in Ormos Panagias, a very small village. Passing Sithonia you will reach the peninsular Athos. Cruising along the west coast you have the opportunity to view and photograph Europe’s most unique Monks republik with its impressive Byzantine Monasteries.

Now you can enjoy the picturesque village Ouranopolis.

You have to see the indepent state in the midst of Greece.

Pick up by coach from the hotels to Ormos Panagias – by boat to peninsular Athos – sailing along the west coast – break in Ouranopolis – back with Live Music and Dancers to Ormos Panagias and to the hotel.